Julie Chen Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Without any doubts, Julie Chen plastic surgery rumors are true – confessed by the star herself at a talk show. Julie says that workplace racism led her to undergo plastic surgery to look less Asian. She admits to have had eyelid surgery to open up her eyes and look less oriental. But denies having any other procedure, including a highly suspected nose job.

Has Julie Chen had plastic surgery to widen her “Asian Eyes” ?

Julie Chen is a 44 year old American television host, news anchor and producer for CBS network. She has been hosting CBS reality show Big Brother since its first season in 2000. She is also a moderator and co-host for CBS daytime show The Talk.  Julie has also co -anchored The Early Show. She is married to chairman and CEO of CBS Corporation, Leslie Moonves.

Julie Chen before and after plastic surgery photo

Julie Chen before and after plastic surgery

When Julie Chen came out to the public after plastic surgery, the change on her facial features was too much to have kept hidden. If Chen is to be believed, she had surgery to open up her narrow Asian eyes, so that she can look less oriental and merge in with the American crowds. However, Julie Chen’s before and after photos suggest otherwise – she might have had the plastic surgeon give her nose a nip and tuck, while she was in there getting her eyes done.

Julie insists that she has had no other alterations other than her eyes. Some fans are of the opinion that the eyelid surgery might have caused the change in the shape of her nose too. But that is a little hard to agree to, because Chen had a big round nose before. How much can you stretch the skin around your eyes, so that your nose becomes narrower and pointy. That just doesn’t make sense.

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