Julie Chen Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Julie Chen is a 45 year old TV anchor on CBS news. If you took a look at her you would never guess that she was 45 years old. Julie looks extraordinarly beautiful for her age, and a lot of people have noticed. As time goes on it seems like she is going to be beautiful forever. Many people wonder how she manages to look so good well past her 40th birthday. The simple answer to this is she had some plastic surgery done to boost her looks. When you look at her before and after photos you can see some changes in her later years, for the better. These changes are the telltale signs of getting plastic surgery. Here are two of the more notable procedures.

Julie Chen plastic surgery before and after photos

Julie Chen plastic surgery

First you have her facelift. When you look at her before and after photos you can see the fine lines completely gone from her face. When someone gets a facelift typically the skin is moved and tightened so that age signs disappear. It is easy to see her frown lines in the first photo, but in the second one it is completely gone.  Facelifts are one of the more common procedures and go hand in hand with this next Julie Chen plastic surgery.

Next is her neck life. When people get work done on the top of the face sometimes the neck will age more rapidly in appearance. When this happens people get a neck lift. It can also be used when someone loses a lot of weight and has extra skin around their face and neck area. It is easy to tell that Julie did get some cosmetic work done. But from the photos you can see her surgeon did a great job. She will likely look this amazing for many years to come.