Justin Jedlica Surgeries: Man Who Had 140 Plastic Surgery Procedures in 15 years

Justin Jedlica is not a celebrity who is addicted to plastic surgery, but a plastic surgery addict who became a celebrity for his doll-like appearance. Such is his craze for perfection that Justin has had over 140 plastic surgery procedures in the last 15 years of his life.

Brought up in a strict Christian home, where he was expected to find interests in sports or cars – just like his dad, Justin had a fascination for arts and luxury from a very young age. This sculpted his views on beauty, with Micheal Jackson and Michelangelo’s David as his idols. At 17, Justin asked his parent’s permission for a nose job – they refused. So on his 18th birthday, he went ahead and got it anyways. There was no stopping him from going under the knife from that point.

“I was always trying to Photoshop things and change them because I didn’t really want to say that that was what I looked like. The thought of fixing (my nose) was something that I really probably had in my brain since the time I was 13 or 14 years old.” Jedlica confessed to the Huffington Post.

justin jedlica before and after

Justin Jedlica before and after plastic surgery photo

Almost 150 beauty enhancing treatments and 15 years later, Jedlica says that he isn’t done yet. To the haters he says that he doesn’t do it to please anyone but himself. It is his idea of beauty perfection that Justin is trying to achieve.

Justin Jedlica: Human Ken doll

Justin Jedlica: Human Ken doll

Justin has spent over £40,000 on his face alone. With 5 nose jobs, bonded and bleached teeth, cheek and chin fillers, lip injections, corrected vision and a cranial brow lift, the amount is no surprise. He has had more than 13 rounds of fillers on his butt, pectoral implants, bicep and triceps implants and most recently a 3-part shoulder implant! He also spends thousands on chemical peels, skin rejuvenation and fully body laser hair removal.

Where does all the money come from? The human Ken doll is a reality TV star and a plastic surgery consultant too!

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