K Michelle Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

K Michelle is a word known singer and TV personality. Recently she went through a series of plastic surgery changes that she openly admitted to. The before and after photos are here so that you can easily see the changes side by side. It is important that she came out about what she had done, because it might inspire others to tell the truth when they decide to get work done to their body. She is an inspiration, and her surgery doesn’t look half bad either! Here is the two surgeries that she admitted to and the likely reason she had them done.

K Michelle plastic surgery before and after photos

K Michelle plastic surgery

A boob job is a common surgery in Hollywood, so it is no surprise that she got this done when she first started to get famous. You can tell in her before and after photos that she went up at least a cup size or two. The reason she probably had this work done is because of the sex appeal that it would add to her as a star. Another likely reason is because she wanted to look and feel better about herself, and there is nothing wrong with that if it is what you want to do.

The other surgery that everyone noticed, and she couldn’t really lie about anyway, is her butt implants. She had plastic implants added to her butt to make it look better on and off film. It is easy to see why a woman who wants to look a certain way would get butt implants. K Michelle is one of the few honest people out there by simply admitted that she had work one and is not ashamed of it. Other people need to do the same and maybe the taboo over plastic surgery will be broken.

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