Kangana Ranaut Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo – Lip Surgery, Breast Implant Rumor

Kangana Ranaut made her grand entrance into the celebrity plastic surgery scene with a bug-bitten lip. However, that went well because most of her fans thinks that she looks prettier with those lip fillers. Soon, she made a comeback to the rumor mill with reports about breast augmentation.

The Raaz star has always been ready to defend there plastic surgery claims. Kangana has been repeatedly saying that she has not gone under the knife for beauty enhancements. Instead she credits the changes in her appearance to weight gain.

kangana ranaut before and after photo

Kangana Ranaut before and after plastic surgery

But the pout is too obvious to be natural. After all you don’t gain weight on your lips do you? The next culprit is a facelift. Kangana’s cheeks were chubby during her debut years in Bollywood. Now they looks lifted and smoothened out. However, sometimes her face looks puffy to – an obvious sign of a facelift. She may have also had the plastic surgeon shape up her jawline.

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The breast implant rumor is based on the much larger and rounder boobs, Kangana has come to sport in her recent pix. We think it could be a good push-up bra too or like the star herself says; “I have not had plastic surgery. My face looks different as I have gained weight. I was bored of my thin body. The world is dying to get lean, and I like to be different.”

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