Kari Byron Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Kari Byron is a very beautiful and very famous co-host of the hit television series Mythbusters. She has been on other shows in the past, but Mythbusters is what made her as recognizable as she is today. Besides being on TV everyone knows her for being insanely beautiful, and she is 40 years old. When you look at her photos you would think she might be in her mid-20s, but she is obviously much older than that. Besides her natural beauty how else has she managed to keep her good looks going for so long?

Kari Byron Plastic Surgery before and after photos

Kari Byron Plastic Surgery

The answer might surprise you, it turns out that many people believe that she had cosmetic surgery done throughout her career and personal life. There is before and after photos that show the difference between now and then, when you look at the pictures it is hard to argue that she had at least a little bit of work done. You might be asking yourself, “What surgeries did she have done?” Here are two that everyone seems to agree on.

First of all many people believe that she had a nose job to help keep her nose small, cute, and pretty much flawless. It looks great and believe it or not, sometimes it is okay to get more than one nose job throughout your life. You just need to keep them far apart, too many in a row can cause serious damage.

The other surgery that everyone else seems to think she had is  Botox injections. You can tell by looking at the areas around her eyes and lips that there was some kind of plastic surgery intervention involved. While some people get these Botox injections until their face is barely recognizable, Kari Byron manages to look beautiful as ever with or without surgery.

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