Kat DeLuna Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo Showing Liposuction

Kat DeLuna is 26 and what plastic surgery could have she possibly gone under the knife for. It is certainly not a Botox or facelift, as is the trend with America’s favorite celebrities. But the Dominican-American pop singer had liposuction and has a (bad) abdomen to show for it.

Kathleen Emperatriz “Kat” DeLuna shot to fame with her debut album 9 lives in 2007. It peaked at 58 on the US Billboard 200. Her debut single Whine Up also topped the Billboards Hot Dance club Party chart.

kal deluna before and after photo

Kat Deluna Before and After plastic surgery

According to celebrity watchers, DeLuna had plastic surgery to improve her image. Her Before and After pic clearly indicate liposuction, especially on the tummy area. Overall, it was a bad idea. Why? See that lumpy wrinkled skin on her midriff – that’s why?

Experts are of the view that the lumpiness maybe because of lipo or injection therapy. If it was indeed lipo, the DeLuna is well-qualified as a plastic surgery disaster with bad liposuction. Good liposuction can actually achieve amazing results with a thinner and firmer body, minus side effects  The sad part is that Kat deLuna is not one of the fortunate ones to undergo a successful liposuction. Unfortunately, even the best of the best plastic surgeons have a hard time mending botched up cosmetic procedures.

So, good luck with smoothening out your midriff, DeLuna.

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