Kat Von D Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Kat Von D is a very popular tattoo artist, musician, televeision star, and much more. If you have cable or internet the odds are you have seen her at least once in your life.  When you see her you would never guess that she was 33 years old, while she is still young she still looks much younger. You could even say that she is in her early 20s due to her good looks. If you are wondering how she managed to keep her good looks, it is not the tattoos (well for the most part), it actually has a lot to do with Kat getting plastic surgery work done.

Kat Von D plastic surgery before and after photos

Kat Von D plastic surgery

When you take a good hard look at the before and after photos you can start to tell that she had some minor surgeries and perhaps a few major ones. The first minor surgery that is noticeable is her chin job. When she was younger her chin was broad, and slightly uneven. Now her chin appears to be straight and flawless. If you did not see the before pictures you would think that Kat Von D was born with the perfect chin, but a picture is worth 1000 words in this case.

The major surgery she had was a facelift. It is strange that she would have a facelift because she was not really showing any signs of aging such as crows feet around her eyes or frown lines. There is the possibility that she knew she would be getting close to 40 soon so she started getting work done early so she can look younger for for longer. Most people get this procedure done when they are actually in their thirties, and it can bring them back to a time when they were in their late twenties, which may explain why Kat opted to go with this surgery so early in her life. One thing is for sure, she is not going anywhere so expect to see her on your TVs and on your computers for many years to come.