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Did Kat Von D have plastic surgery? This is hot topic of discussion on most celebrity gossip forums. We are not going to make a judgment here, but you can see for yourself. Kat is uniquely popular as a celebrity who is known for her Tattoo art first and then as an actress/TV personality. Still very much in her 30s, Kat is naturally beautiful. But recent observations of her public appearances give clues to her effort to enhance her beauty with the probable help of unnatural means.

Kat Von D plastic surgery Kat Von D before and after photo

Kat Von D plastic surgery photo

Celebrity watchers suspect that Kat has had multiple plastic surgery procedures on her body and face. Breast implants, an eyebrow lift, a nose job, Botox and facial fillers are all given equal amount of suspicion. The nose job and eyebrow lift is most likely to be true. These changes are easy to spot from Kat’s pictures from different time periods. Of course, the celebrity herself has not been available for a comment on these rumors that has been wildly discussed on the internet and other media. The bad news is that now she may have been successful in hiding her plastic surgery tell-tales, but as she ages the side-effects would start to emerge. And it is with such situations that most celebrities start to get addicted to plastic surgery, just to maintain their youth and correct the mistakes.

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Someone close to Kat has tried to blame the changes that have been detected, on weight gain – maybe true for the breast implants and face. But then we wonder, how that explains the sculpted aquiline nose. Bout the Botox rumour, we still haven’t figured out why Botox!.

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