Kate Hudson Boob Job Before And After Photos

The continuous abnormal pressure of looking sexy and hot pushes almost every star in Hollywood towards the plastic surgeons. Among the different cosmetic improvements taken up by the female stars, one of the most popular is boob job or breast implant. One of renowned Hollywood leading ladies to take up boob job is Kate Hudson.

A browse through the previous pictures of bubbly cute star will show her with small boobs. Kate Hudson was supposed to sport A-cups in her early years. But if you take a glance at her snaps 2010, you will be astonished to find her with remarkably bigger breasts  that have enhanced her hotness quotient to a further degree- she has suddenly amped up right from A to C cups. Now, such an improvement is never possible naturally and hence the only answer is a cosmetic breast implant procedure.

Kate Hudson Boob Job Before And After Photos

Kate Hudson Boob Job

Though Hudson has not clarified anything regarding her boob job, yet even a fleeting glance at her latest pictures no will clearly show a well enhanced bust size -that was not present before. Ironically, Kate has usually joked about her small boob size. In fact she has even declared that she is very happy with the small bust as it enables her to flaunt plunging necklines sans the risk of looking vulgar. But Hollywood is constantly stressing on looking sexy which demands a considerable cup size. If the leading ladies are to survive with aplomb in the show business they would have to abide by typical demands in the industry.

Kate too seems  to have joined the line of stars who are frequently seen consulting cosmetic surgeons  for a voluptuous portfolio. According to inside sources, no matter how much she joked about her small bust, the actress has always been really insecured about her chest. It’s only natural thus, that she would head for a boob job.

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