Kate Winslet Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Kate Winslet is an English born actress who has posed on many different magazine covers, been in a large number of competitions, and successfully proved herself to the world. It is an amazing feat to see how far she has come from her days when her career first took off. You would be surprised to know how old Kate Winslet is, which just so happens to be 39 years old. She still manages to look a lot younger, and let’s just say that she did not discover the fountain of youth. The only way her face could have possibly changed so much throughout the years has to be due to plastic surgery.

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Kate Winslet plastic surgery

You do not have to look hard at the plastic surgery before and after photos before you start seeing all of the different things she has had done to her face. The most obvious procedure is probably the Botox injections that she had around her cheeks and lips. When we begin to age our face begins to sag because of lack of elasticity. Many times people with get Botox injections when they start to feel or see small age marks, and this is likely what Kate Winslet did. It is a very common procedure and people around the world have it every day.

This is not the only plastic surgery that she seems to have had throughout the years. If you notice in the picture her chin looks drastically different. She likely had a chin job so that she did not have to worry about needing it done after she had her Botox done. It is not uncommon for people to get more than one procedure done at once. While Kate might be almost 40 years old she still looks great for her age. If she manages to keep up on her looks with a little help from cosmetic surgery she is going to look this way for many years.