Kate Winslet fan spends $15K on plastic surgery to look like her idol

Would you spend thousands of bucks on plastic surgery to be celebrity look-alike? Looks like there are enough people who would say ‘Yes’ to that question.

There are no limits die-hard celebrity fans. Some would dedicate their lives to their idols through undying support, poster collection or even travel a long way to snap a pic with them. However, one Kate Winslet fan has taken an innovative approach to get closer to the Oscar-winning star.

41 year old Deborah davenport recently told the New York Times  that she spent as much a $15,000 on plastic surgeries in an attempt to transform her facial features to resemble Kate Winslet. She had cartilage shaved off her nose, filler injections on her cheeks and Botox around her forehead to achieve this.

kate winslet look alike

Plastic surgery for celebrity look-alike

Deborah Davenport spent thousands of dollars to look ‘almost’ like Kate Winslet

Davenport who owns a real estate technology consulting firm says that she lusted after Kate’s round face that she used to see in several magazines and also her movies. According to her, she was unhappy with the way she looked for decades. Many people likened her to Cameron Diaz, which upset her. This was the tirning point in deciding to change the shape of her nose. ‘[It] just seemed to get fatter and fatter every year, I [would] look at photos and [be] like, “Oh my God, what’s happening to me?” Deborah also added that it is ironic she had work done to ‘look like someone I think hasn’t had surgery.’

Expert says that there is blooming trend of wanting to look like someone else, especially Hollywood celebrities. Plastic surgeons confirm that they receive many patients who want another face which look like one of the stars. ‘I had a patient who went from doctor to doctor trying to get surgery to look like Brad Pitt,’ says Dr Amy Wechsler, a dermatologist and psychiatrist in New York.

So who do you want to look like?

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