Katie Couric Face Lift Before And After Photos

It’s true that plastic surgeries are mostly regular with the film stars but many do not know that media celebrities like journalists & talk show hosts take to cosmetic help as well. One of them is the star American journalist Katie Couric. Her astonishingly youthful appearance even after crossing 50 has led to huge speculations about plastic surgeries.

Has Katie Couric undergone Face Lift?

Katie Couric Face Uplift Before After Photo

According to eminent plastic surgeons, Courie has definitely gone for a facelift procedure. Wrinkles, laugh lines, stress lines, sagging skin are some of the most unsightly and unavoidable aspects of an aging face. Now Courie is almost approaching 60 but you would be stunned to find her as youthful as ever with no hint of the signs mentioned above. She does not show any saggy skin nor would you find any hint of wrinkle or lines on her face. Her face looks as tight as that of a girl half her age. This age-defying beauty is not possible without the assistance of any cosmetic procedure and hence a facelift is the most logical conclusion here.

Added to tightening her cheeks, the facelift surgery has also tightened up her jaw & neck area. As per the cosmetic experts, the star journalist took to a comprehensive facelift procedure. It seems that Katie has combined the facelift surgery with botox treatment which is responsible for her unblemished skin.

It must be mentioned that Katie has been really wise in choosing her facelift surgeon. The skilled surgeon has not overdone her face as otherwise she would have lost her natural charm- and have come up with an artificial expression less face which is common among many other celebs taking to unskilled facelift surgeries. Interestingly, Katie has denied all the speculations about facelift treatment. While approached on her unnaturally youthful looks even at this senior age she stressed on a healthy lifestyle.

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