Katie Couric Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Katie Couric Plastic surgery rumors have been out there for quite some time now. But since the accomplished journalist entered her late 50s, the rumors seem to be catching up fast. Plastic surgery rumors are not restricted to pretty faces in showbiz, it will haunt anyone who has a steady presence in the media. Katie Couric is a victim of this constant public scrutiny.

An American journalist, author and talk show host, 57 year old Katie Couric is a familiar face on television. She has hosted shows for all three of the big networks in the US – NBC, CBS and ABC. She also hosts a web show for ABC called Katie’s Take, that airs on Yahoo! every week. She also hosts the daytime talk show Katie and serves as a special correspondent contributing to ABC World News, Nightline, 20/20, Good Morning America, This Week and primetime news specials. Earlier this year she was also appointed as the global news anchor for Yahoo News.

Katie Couric Plastic Surgery 2014

Katie Couric plastic surgery before and after Photo

Katie Couric before and after Plastic surgery

Just as in the case of most other 50 plus old celebrities and television personalities, Katie’s age is the prime cause of plastic surgery rumors. Her face is something that is visible constantly on television and now, on the web too. It is important for talk show hosts and news anchors to look good when they are entertaining or informing their audiences. And Katie apparently needed to seek some help from plastic surgeon to keep her looks camera friendly.

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Apart from the usual Botox and facelift, Katie Couric plastic surgery rumors also talk about a possible nose job. But this suspicion is not backed by strong eveidence. In the absence of significant changes detected in Katie’s before and after photos, we can easily rule out a Rhinoplasty. The Botox and facelift is much more credible, especially when Katie Couric has decided to look much younger than her age.

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