Keira Knightley Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Pirates of the Caribbean star Keira Knightly is now believed to have undergone plastic surgery. Rumors point towards a nose job and lip augmentation majorly. How true do you think are these claims? All we can say is that the recent rumors are based on Keira’s before and after photos. Let’s take a look at her pictures from different time periods and see if there is anything worth speculating.

Did Keira Knightley Have Nose Job or Plastic Surgery ?

Our first suspect is Keira’s long slender nose of course. But has it been always so well sculpted to give her that ultra glamorous look? No, we think. Take a look at her ‘much younger’ picture and you will see the difference. Ms. Knightley’s nose was bulbous with a wide nasal tip and bridge. But now she has a sharper, slender and pointed nose to compliment her 28 year old face. This could only be the work of a smart plastic surgeon. Nose re-shaping surgeries are common among celebrities and we think Keira is no exception.

Keira Knightley Plastic surgery Keira Knightley before and after photo

Keira Knightley Plastic surgery photo

Next we move on to her lips. Do you think they look fuller now than before? We think so too – possibly the work of filler injections. Restylane or collagen could have been used, especially on her upper lip and we could speculate the involvement of synthetic implants too.

Keira has always denied plastic surgery rumors, but she is known to have said that she may try breast augmentation. However, we do not see any tell tale signs of that. Either she is yet to go under the knife for a boob job or she is hiding it well. Keira seems to be blaming her age for her changed facial features and said that her youthful looks won’t remain forever and that is why her face looks different with aging signs.

Thankfully like a few other celebs, Keira Knightley hasn’t overdone the cosmetic surgery procedures and we do hope that she will be able to keep up her youthful glow.

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