Kellie Pickler Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Although it is extremely obvious given her before and after pictures that Kellie Pickler has definitely gone under the blade to get her new appearance, nevertheless her fans still inquire whether she has actually opted for plastic surgery. Born in 1986 and rising to fame from American Idol, this singer has released two albums till date. Going by her new pictures, Kellie definitely has bigger breasts than before, when she sported literally a flat chest. During her time in American Idol the singer was pictured with much smaller breasts, thus breast implants are totally obvious.

Has Kellie Pickler Had Plastic Surgery?

Kellie Pickler Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Like most individuals who has shot to fame in a short while, Kellie as well has taken it a tad too far, with her breasts looking extremely big from absolutely nothing. When asked about her implants, Kellie has always tried to be particularly evasive, neither did she admit about her procedure nor has she denied it completely. However, a comparison between her before and after pictures are worth, a thousand words.

Kellie is also rumored to have gone for a facelift, which seems quite evident from her photographs, unlike Jennifer Anniston. Jen’s surgery was quite subtle and wasn’t in your face evident. However, Kellie’s features have altered quite a lot as compared to before.

The key to good plastic surgery is that the change should be kept as subtle as possible, however both the surgeries Kellie has gone under has changed her look quite drastically. Seems like the singer didn’t pick a good enough surgeon to do the chore! Nevertheless, Kellie looks a lot more confident post both surgeries and its showcasing in her complete personality. Now, since the singer hasn’t been too candid about her procedures, it is only the difference of her before and after pictures that we can rely on.

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