Kenny Rogers Facelift Before And After Photos

As women are hailed as the synonym of beauty, the leading ladies in the show business are increasingly taking to plastic surgeries as they start to age. But, interestingly, cosmetic surgery is not a female dominated sector any more and today you have many senior male stars joining up the bandwagon readily. One of the most popular male celebrity figures to take to cosmetic works is Kenny Rogers. It is said that the famous singer has opted for a facelift in order to match up with his young wife.

Rogers is in his 60s now and at this age it is natural for any man to develop sagging skin, wrinkles, creases, laugh lines and crow’s feet on the face. But if you chance upon any latest picture of the much loved singer from the 70s, you will be surprised to see him with almost no sign of aging. Now, of course, such a youthful look at this matured age is never possible naturally and is only viable through some cosmetic help, especially facelift. The skin around his eyelids looks perfectly tight and young as a man in his late 30s.

Kenny Rogers Facelift Before and After Photos

Kenny Rogers Facelift

However, unlike many of the celebs taking to plastic surgeries, Rogers has not denied any speculation about the facelift procedure. He in fact shared about his decision to go under the knife as he was not happy with so many creases around the eyes. But then again, Rogers is not at all happy about the post facelift appearance and has even regretted the decision. A lot of plastic surgeons too have booed Rogers’ facelift saying that the surgery has resulted in a completely artificial look for him. The singer is no longer the masculine scruffy man from 70s. Rogers is now planning to get a further corrective surgery to get back his usual warm look.

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