Kenya Moore Facelift Before and After Photos

Kenya Moore is one of the many stars on the hit TV show The Real Housewives of Atlanta. When it comes to her level of fame, she is right up there with fellow reality show star Porsha Williams. When you look at Kenya you cannot help but to notice how amazing she looks. If you had to guess how old she was would you say mid to late twenties? If the answer to that question is “Yes”, you might be shocked to find out that she is actually 44! I know you are probably wondering how in the world she manages to look so young. It is obvious that plastic surgery rumors have spawned from her looks, but is there physical evidence to back it up? Do Kenya Moore facelift rumors hold water?

Kenya Moore Facelift

Kenya Moore Facelift

Well let’s take a look at this before and after photos and see if there is anything noticeable. The first thing that you will notice is the fact that her face looks drastically younger in the second photo, how is this possible? Well a facelift can do wonders when it comes to making someone in their 40’s look like they are only in their mid-20s. There are plenty of small subtle signs that demonstrate that she had some work done to tweak her face through a facelift procedure.

Kenya Moore Facelift Details

Look at the bags that are sitting underneath her eyes on the right, now look on the left and notice that they are gone. Makeup can help people in many different ways, but they cannot make crow’s feet literally disappear.  You can also see that when she smiles her frown lines show, but in the second picture – again – they are all but invisible. A facelift is used to cut and slowly lift and shape the face to give it an appearance of being youthful, regardless of age. It is clear that when it comes down to Kenya Moore facelift surgeon, they knew what they were doing. Only time will tell how long her good looks hold up, but at 44 she is still looking just as amazing as ever.