Kim Christiansen Plastic Surgery Before and After

Kim Christiansen is a Colorado native news anchor. She spent most of her life striving to be a successful journalist. In her years as a news anchor, she went beyond the call of duty and proved herself to be a success on the camera, and with her reporting. Kim Christiansen went on to win four regional Emmy awards for her excellent news reporting.

Kim Christiansen plastic surgery before and after

Kim Christiansen plastic surgery

Besides how well she does in the news world, her beauty is often mentioned. She is an extremely beautiful woman who is not afraid to flaunt her good looks. When you think about how beautiful she is, you have to consider on whether it is her natural beauty or if she had a little help with plastic surgery. There is a variety of plastic surgeries that Kim Christiansen may have had done to keep her striking good looks.

The first surgery that this new anchor might have received is a facelift. This is a very common surgery that can help change the way your face looks. It can reduce age marks and all of the other fine lines that occur as you get up in the years. If you pay attention to her entire face, you can see that it is tight against her face. It does not look like she has aged at all since her mid 30’s.

While a facelift is a good option for something she may have had done, a neck lift is also a viable option. If you look at before and after pictures you can see the skin around her neck is tight, not slightly sagging. It is a common occurrence for the skin around the neck to start to sag around the age of 40. Kim Christiansen defies the odds and manages to look still relevant and sexy past that age and beyond.

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