Kim Kardashian Breast Implants Before And After Photos

Cosmetic surgery is such a rage in Hollywood today that the word “plastic” has become synonymous with the leading ladies here. The common notion is that it’s the older stars who go under the knife to correct up their aging signs but the truth is that many young celebs too undergo plastic consultation these days. Among the myriad plastic procedures taken up by the young celebs, breast implant or augmentation is the most common. Kim Kardashian is one of those popular celebs who are speculated to have a boob job.

Has Kim Kardashian Had Breast Implants?


If you browse through the older pictures of Kim you will find her with comparatively smaller breasts than now. Kim had earlier claimed that she is contemplating to have a boob job post child birth- which is really common among many of the Hollywood damsels who are afraid of drooping breasts  after pregnancy. But according to insiders, she has already had a breast augmentation before the birth of her child North. In fact, the speculation is that she underwent the boobs job not once but twice in her life.


Now, the irony is that although Kim had earlier expressed her desire to go for a breast implantation yet she actively denied all the speculations while asked for confirmation on her enhanced breast size. If you look at her recent picture you will find the celeb with much bigger bust than before. Such an augmented bust size is never possible naturally and hence the natural conclusion is that she actually had a breast implant.

But then again, Kim had repeatedly denied any rumor regarding any question about her boobs jobs. In fact she has emphasized repeatedly that her bust has not received any surgical procedure & is 100 percent real. Interestingly, not only her enhanced boob size but a surgical scar above her breasts clearly tell the opposite story.

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