Kim Zolciak Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Kim Zolciak is a famous TV personality who blew up in popularity on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. She has been regarded as one of the best looking women on TV, and one look at her and you can see why. Because of her popularity there is no surprise that the 36 year old decided to get plastic surgery to make herself look better and healthier. Considering she has had multiple children and gained and lost weight multiple times there have been a number of surgeries. Two surgeries in particular stick out and would be obvious to anyone who has seen her before and after photos.

Kim Zolciak plastic surgery before and after photos

Kim Zolciak plastic surgery

First of all it is clear that she had a tummy tuck after losing weight. Most of the time people get  tummy tuck because they are insecure about extra skin that might still be there after weight is lost. Sometimes it can be close to impossible to tone that skin to perfections, so a tummy tuck is used to fix it. The extra skin is folded and / or removed so that the person getting the surgery looks like a new person. You can look at her belly and see a few small scars that were likely there when she had the work done.

Kim Zolciak also had to have a breast reduction. She thought it would be a good idea to get implants, but after she lost all of her weight she was stuck with extraordinarily large breasts. While some people might see this as a good thing, it surely was not good for her back. It is no surprise that she wanted to get a breast reduction, especially when you consider the health benefits of not carrying the extra weight around. It seems like no matter what surgery Kim has her fans are still going to love her, and she is going to be beautiful for a long time.

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