Kimberly Goss Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Kimberly Goss is the female vocalist for the metal band Sinergy. The European band has proved to be successful, especially when you consider that Kimberly is associated with other big name metal bands like Children of Bodom. Over the years Kimberly has made a lot of changes to her body. She used to be overweight and with some time and effort she managed to lose most of her weight. She was beautiful both before and after, but people are wondering if she had to get cosmetic surgery to fix some of the problems that came up when she lost all of her weight. You can look at these before and after photos and decide for yourself.

Kimberly Goss plastic surgery before and after photos

Kimberly Goss plastic surgery

When you look at Kimberly’s neck you can tell that she had a neck lift to keep it looking nice and tight. When she lost all of her weight the odds are she had extra skin around her neck area. She likely had a neck lift after she dropped her weight because you cannot even tell that she used to be overweight. Her skin is tight and fresh, almost like she always looked that way. The plastic surgery does not end there. You can tell that she had some other work done.

Kimberly Goss more than likely also had some Botox shots to keep the skin on her face tight. When you lose a lot of weight and are not in your twenties it can cause the skin the sag and wrinkle pretty easily. When she seen these signs of aging coming on she probably had some Botox shots with filler to keep her skin from looking older. While it is not confirmed if she had other types of surgeries or not, these two seem very obvious. The surgery helped her look great when she felt she needed to make some serious changes.