Kylie Jenner Extensive Plastic Surgery

Kylie Jenner is a famous reality show star. Over the course of the past couple of years she has become dramatically more beautiful as more time passes. It is apparent that she has had extensive plastic surgery. It is not uncommon for people to get plastic surgeries when they want to change something about their bodies. Most people go with facial surgeries because that is where people see problems with themselves. When you look at before and after photos of Kylie Jenner you can tell that she had a couple of surgeries, two stick out more than any other ones.

Kylie Jenner plastic surgery before and after photo

Kylie Jenner plastic surgery

The first surgery that she had done was a lip job. In the before pictures you can tell that she had smaller lips. They did not look as full as they do now. The only reason this happened has to do with getting a lip job to change the shape and size. She likely got a lip job injection to make her lips more appealing. The surgery will usually add volume and thickness that otherwise would be impossible to achieve. There is nothing wrong with getting a lip job, and Kylie is proof of that.

You can also tell that she had Botox shots when you look at her cheeks and the top of her face. Typically Botox injections are fillers that help make the skin look young and fresh. When people get these shots they fill in the trouble areas, like crow’s feet that appear around the eyes. These kinds of shots can also be used when someone is trying to fill in the area around their lips, also known as frown lines. There is evidence of Kylie Jenner getting both of these procedures done. She will forever be known as one of the greatest looking women of our generation.