Kylie Jenner Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Kylie Jenner is a famous American reality show star. She is currently on the hit E! show Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Even though she is only 17 years old she is still exceptionally beautiful. It is known that when you are in Hollywood you tend to grow up fast. Is the fact that she is very attractive part of her growing up to fast, or did she perhaps go the path of plastic surgery?

As of right now she denies any accusation that she went through with any plastic surgery, saying that it is all in her make up. If you look at her before and after photos it is clear that there is something other than make up enhancing her looks. If she did get plastic surgery you might be wondering what the likely procedures were, here are the most likely options.

Kylie Jenner plastic surgery before and after photos

Kylie Jenner plastic surgery

Kylie Jenner probably decided that a lip job would make her lips look good, and they do, but what is the evidence? Well looking at the before and after photos you can see that her lips appear to be full and thick, way more so than they were not even a year prior. Make up can do a lot for someone, but it seems highly unlikely that it would completely change the way her lips look each and every time.

The other surgery that seems apparent from the photos is a nose job. You can look at both photos and see that in the After picture her nose just looks different. It is positioned at a different angle and seems to have less volume to it than it did previously. Having a nose that changes shapes, whether it is for better or worse, is still a sign of cosmetic surgery. There is nothing wrong with plastic surgery, but if this is the route she took it would seem that she should at least be honest about the procedures.

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