Kym Johnson Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job, Botox and Facelift

Did Kym Johnson have plastic surgery? – Isn’t it too obvious. Yes! Didn’t you notice the permanently surpriced look and smooth skin on her face. Kym has certainly had some help from a plastic surgeon in the beauty department. The Dancing with the StarsĀ contestant may have found it important to up the glamour quotient by joining the celebrity plastic surgery club.

Has Kym Johnson Had a Nose Job or Facelift ?

37 year old Kym Johnson is a professional ballroom dancer from Australia, who is now based in California since 2006, when she competed in popular TV reality show Dancing with the Stars. Though she has won several accolades in her long competitive ballroom dancing career, Kym’s chance to be celebrity came when she participated in the American show. And it is possibly because of this upgrade to star status that Kym found it important to have artificial beauty enhancements.

kym johnson before and after photo

Kym Johnson before and after plastic surgery

So what did she go under the knife for? The surprised look on her face most definitely because of an eyebrow lift sergery or Blephroplasty. What was the need for this particular procedure – is still a puzzling question to most celebrity watchers. There are also rumors about a possible facelift or Botox. Considering her age, which is still below 40, it most probably would have been a couple of Botox injections to smoothen out the imperfections on her facial skin rather than a major facelift. Facelifts are usually necessary when old age pulls and sags your skin. This is so not the case of Kym Johnson. Hope she knows that too much Botox can be bad.

However, the brow lift looks like a disaster of sorts. Especially, because she looks surprised all the time. You could’ve done a better job there, Kym!

So, do you think that has Kym Johnson had Plastic Surgery ?

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  1. Since I have seen Kym in person The Answer is a YES!!! If Kym was anymore plastic she would melt like a Barbie on a Broiler!!!

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