Lara Flynn Boyle Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos, Picture

43 year old Men in Black II star, Lara Flynn Boyle has set fire to a string of plastic surgery rumors, following a distinctive change in her appearance. The American actress is best known for her roles in movies like The Practice and Twin Peaks. She began her exciting career in 1987 as a fresh faced beauty in the mini-series Amerika. She continues to grab attention with a slew of brilliant roles in successful movies. However, as she rose to fame she seems to have lost her smile forever. The once pretty face is now frozen with an exaggerated pout.

Lara Flynn Boyle before and after photos

Lara Flynn Boyle before and after plastic surgery photo

So, what went wrong? An untimely unwanted decision to go under the knife has cost her more than Lara Flynn could handle. Several cosmetic procedures are suspected on her face including a rhinoplasty, lip surgery, Botox and a fat injection. The first culprit is obviously the nose job, as you can clearly see from her before and after photos. The surgery has left the tip of Boyle’s nose a little too elevated than necessary, disfiguring it with a bump. But the worst is yet to come – lip filler injections that went out of control. Looks like Lara was addicted to the dermal injections, only to have ended up with swollen lips.

In her attempt to enhance beauty and stay young in appearance, Lara Flynn Boyle has sacrificed her once naturally pretty looks. Un fortunately, beauty once lost to plastic surgery is almost impossible to gain back. Corrective surgeries would only end up in more disasters – as is in the case of many other celebs. Hopefully, Lara has realized this too and will keep a check on her addiction.

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