Lara Spencer Plastic Surgery Before and After

It’s tough to confirm Lara Spencer plastic surgery rumours. Firstly because, there aren’t many before and after photos available online for comparison and secondly, though she has well maintained looks for her age, Lara also have visible aging signs like crowsfeet and laugh lines.

It is becoming more and more difficult to speculate celebrity plastic surgery these days. Most celebrities are doing a good job of concealing any signs and keeping it minimal. Unless someone shows up with impossible big boobs or a pointy nose all of a sudden, you cannot really pinpoint plastic surgery among the stars. Lara Spencer is one such example, that is if she has indeed gone under the knife.

Did Lara Spencer have plastic surgery ?

lara spencer plastic surgery before and after photo

Lara Spencer before and after plastic surgery

44 year old Lara Spencer is a television host who is best known for being the lifestyle anchor on Good Morning America and hosting the Insider. Formerly, she was a correspondent for ABC News and Nightline. News rooms starts like Laura are not usually hounded with plastic surgery rumors. But Spencer’s popularity and stunning looks have attracted celebrity watcher’s attention anyways.

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But these good looks can be credited to a healthy lifestyle and careful dieting plus exercise routines. After all she is barely 45 and does show signs of ageing – that too, gracefully. If she did have any then that could be a tummy tuck or liposuction which is well hidden from view as most of her pix are from chest up and sitting behind a desk. On her face – let’s rule out usual suspects like Rhinoplasty and facelifts. Botox is a possibility – but only in minimal amounts. Otherwise how do you explain the wrinkles.

We don’t think Lara Spencer has had any plastic surgery. Do you?

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