Lauran Cohan Breast Implants Before and After Photos

Lauran Cohan is a stunning actress who has a track record of starring in shows with a horror theme. Her most notable role is Maggie Greene on The Walking Dead. She has also managed to make appearances in shows such as Supernatural, and The Vampire Diaries. She has many great qualities as an actress and on a physical level. At some point in her career she decided to get a very common plastic surgery procedure.  If you couldn’t tell from the before and after photos the surgery is breast implants. Considering that she is still in her early 30s, why wouldn’t she want to make herself look better? If you look at these photos you can see some of the tell-tale signs of a boob job. Was Lauran Cohan’s breast implant procedure worth it?

Lauran Cohan Breast Implants before and after photos

Lauran Cohan Breast Implants

First and foremost, the size shows that there was some kind of procedure done. Her breasts were never tiny, but they have gone up an estimated two cup sizes between the two pictures. The next piece of evidence involves the actual shape of her breasts. Instead of being slightly uneven – as most natural breasts are – hers seemed to be shaped and formed in a way that could only involve surgery.


Reasons Lauran Cohan Breast Implant Procedure Was Worth It

One of the best benefits to getting a surgery like this is the confidence that goes along with it. She wanted a way to feel better about the way she looks, and if that is what she wanted to do that is her choice at the end of the day. Another positive benefit to the procedure is the simple fact that it boosts her sex appeal. Sex sells, there is no denying that. It would only make sense that she would want to capitalize on being in her prime by enhancing her looks. She still has a lengthy career ahead of her, so look to see more Lauran Cohan on your TV!

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