Lauren Holly Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Plastic surgery talk about Lauren Holly is concentrated on her boob job. And the good news is that celebrity watchers unanimously agree that she looks better! So we have a plastic surgery beneficent here. The American-Canadian actress who is past 50 years of age is also visible younger than her years. She was once married to Jim Carrey and is most well known for her roles in movies like ‘Dumb and Dumber’ and hit TV shows like ‘NCIS’.

Lauren Holly Plastic Surgery Lauren Holly before and after photo

Lauren Holly Plastic Surgery photo

Since, Lauren’s boobs seem to be grabbing a lot of attention these days, let’s talk about them first. From her before and after pictures, it is quite evident that Lauren sports and bigger, fuller and sexier bust than her younger years. Some of you may speculate it to be the work of weight gain and age. But she hasn’t gained any considerable weight recently. Also about the age – her face does not show it, why should her boobs? For this significant a change, the only reason could be breast implants.

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Tabloids have also been reporting that Lauren has been having minor cosmetic surgeries since the 90’s. Though there has not been official confirmation of these rumors from Lauren’s side. Some publications have reported that Lauren has stated her satisfaction with her plastic surgery and says that it gives her confidence. We like the fact that the new boobs look good on her and make her sexier than ever before.

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