Lee Min ho Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job and Lip Surgery

In the past few years, South Koreans have become one of the biggest ‘Plastic Surgery’ fanatics in the world. News keeps pouring in from the South Asian country, that puts even Hollywood to shame –  From beauty pageants with lookalike contestants to ‘permanent’ Smile surgeries, South Korea has got it all! In a nation where parents are willing to get their kids under the knife for beauty, it would be a shame for celebrities to stay away from Plastic Surgery.

Did Lee Min Ho Have Plastic Surgery ?

Lee Min Ho, best known for his Korean drama ‘Boys over flowers’ has a brand new face – perfect for a youth icon. Lee Min ho has admitted to have made changes to some parts of his face. A look at his Before & After pictures would easily point-out those ‘parts’ to be his nose and lips. Lee seems to have undergone a successful Rhinoplasty to sharpen his nose. His stuck-out lips seemed to be out-of-place on his face, before he made the few changes. Now, Lee Min Ho’s lips fit well into his handsome face and balances out his features.

Lee Min ho Plastic Surgery Lee Min ho before and after photo

Lee Min Ho Plastic Surgery Photo

Lee Min Ho Plastic Surgery Before and After Full HD Video – Watch Now !!

The lip surgery and Rhinoplasty has given us a brand new Lee Min Ho, with those perfect features of a teenage heartthrob. Of course, his lady fans seem to be pleased and have welcomed the change. Don’t think they were disappointed in his decision to seek some help from the beauty doctor. Lee Min Ho’s popularity has only risen because of the change in his looks and we don’t think he will regret it. But we do wonder – Doesn’t he look just like every other ‘heartthrob’ from this part of the world?

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