Leslie Stahl Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo Showing Facelift

When a 72 year old woman like Leslie Stahl appears in public with a fresh youthful face, it is hard to not suspect plastic surgery. No sagging, no wrinkles – just tight skin and well refine facial features. This is exactly why American Television journalist, Leslie Stahl has found a place on this website.

Has Leslie Stahl Had a Facelift Plastic Surgery ?

leslie stahl before and after photo

Leslie Stahl before and after plastic surgery

Like most Hollywood celebrities, Americas television personalities are also big fans of plastic surgery. If you are on TV, you better look good – is their motto. Veteran television journalist, Leslie Stahl, who has reported for CBS on 60 minutes  since 1991, seems to be in support of this idea too. It is very well obvious that Leslie has had a facelift and possibly regular Botox injections done to achieve that taught smooth skin on her face – which does not suit her age. She looks at leat 25 years younger than her current age of 72 – at least chin upwards. Styhl seems to be yet to get a necklift done. As you can make out from her pix above, her neck wrinkled and sagging as compared to her rejuvenated face.

It is common for older celebrities to be come under plastic surgery suspicion and almost always the rumors turn out to be true. In Leslie Stahl’s case, we can safely assume the involvement of plastic surgery without ant confirmation from experts or the celebrity herself.

Do you think it is okay to seek help from plastic surgery to keep your beauty intact, as you get older?

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