Lil Kim Plastic Surgery Disaster – What in the World..

Okay everyone – take a deep breath. Remember back in the mid 90’s when rapper Lil Kim was one of the most popular artists out there? Well if you have not seen her since that time prepare to have your mind blown.  Besides the fact that the 41 year old decided to take the route of “washed up artist goes reality star” (Surprise, Surprise), she decided that she was just going to completely ruin any semblance of her old self before she hit the small screen. You might remember her as the cute little rapper with the bad attitude, but now… well it is just better if you see for yourself.  There appeared to be a Lil Kim plastic surgery disaster.

Lil Kim Plastic Surgery Disaster

Lil Kim Plastic Surgery Disaster

Lil Kim Plastic Surgery Disaster

When you check out this photo difference you can’t help but to say out loud “What in the world happened?” It is a shocking site indeed. It would certainly appear that Lil Kim decided to make a couple of little changes, and before she knew it had attempted to get so many surgeries that she barely even looks human any more. It is really difficult to try and name every procedure that can be spotted in these photos. Some of the obvious ones include her nose job, face lift, botox injections, and chin job. There appears to have been many more surgeries along the way.

What Went Wrong

It is hard to confirm exactly what went wrong with Lil Kim’s insane physical difference. An educated guess would be that she just was not aware of how different she looked until after it was said and done. Once you are so far invested you have to keep getting them to keep up appearances, and therefore it becomes a cycle.  It is for that reason that you should always try and monitor your plastic surgery procedures and make sure you do not go overboard. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a little small changes, but when you get to the point similar to the Lil Kim plastic surgery disaster there is no turning back. So what do you think, is Lil Kim one of the top 10 worst celebrity surgery fails?


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