Lindsay Lohan Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Everyone knows that Lindsay Lohan is one of our ‘troubled’ stars from the celebrity world. So we don’t expect to shock anyone by talking about Lindsay’s little experiments with Plastic surgery. That sweet little girl who shot to fame with the Disney movie – ‘The Parent Trap’, did not choose to be all that sweet and innocent for the rest of her career. She plunged into fashion and modeling, then again acting and also went on to become a pop star. Controversies and rumors are nothing new to her, as Lindsay has an ‘outstanding’ track record for attracting attention for all the wrong reasons.

So what did she have to do with plastic surgery help? Well, according to rumors, all the usual ones – breast implants, lip injection, rhinoplasty – and more. The fillers on her lips wreaked much havoc, with tabloids reporting that her she looked much older than she really is. The implants also got their fair share of rumors and speculations. And Lindsay’s reason for going under the knife is no less bizarre – allegedly, she wanted to attract other men after a breakup! This could have also been the reason for her changing hair colors and tattoo additions. Apparently, she lost plenty of weight too – not reports about a Lipo though!

Lindsay Lohan Plastic Surgery Lindsay Lohan Before and After photo

Lindsay Lohan Plastic Surgery Photo

When confronted with the rumors, Lindsay admitted to having had breast implants and filler injections to her lips. Restylane or Juvederm could have been then filler used and according to experts, she could easily hide any bruising on her lip from the injections, with make –up. Taking about her lips, we couldn’t help notice her slimmer nose! Reportedly, the nose and breasts has gone under the knife, more than once!

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