Lis Wiehl Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Lis Wiehl, American Author and legal analyst for Fox News, is obviously a beautiful woman. If you knew nothing about her and just had before and after photos to look at you would think that Lis Wiehl is maybe in her late 20’s. The fact of the matter is she is 53. Did she find the fountain of youth? Not likely.

The more likely option is that she decided to get plastic surgery. There is nothing wrong with making that choice. If you can do something to make you feel good, you should do it at all costs. It would appear that the surgeon who did the work for Lis Wiehl knew how to pull off a great plastic surgery. If you are looking at her before and after photos wondering what surgeries she had done, here are the ones that stick out.

Lis Wiehl plastic surgery before and after

Lis Wiehl plastic surgery

It looks like she had a nose job right off the bat. Looking at old pictures of her you can see her nose get smaller and straighter. These are tell-tale signs of getting a nose job. It looks good the way it does now. As long as she decides not to go overboard with the surgeries it will continue to look good.

Besides that, she most likely got a chin job. She used to have a slightly broad chin. It looks like as the years go on her chin gets thin and straight, much like her nose. Most likely she had a couple of small surgeries in order to fix her problem areas. The same can be said about her chin job as her nose job if she does not over do the procedures it will not turn into a horror story like you see most aging celebrities with plastic surgery. The key to this is moderation in your surgical procedures.

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  1. You are totally F’d up if you think her nose looks good now.

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