Lisa Breckenridge Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Lisa Breckenridge is a TV personality who is famous for working on the Fox 11 News based out of Los Angles. She is without a doubt a beautiful woman, but how has she stayed so beautiful when she is way past her 30’s? Well the answer to that question might be easier answered than you think. Judging by her before and after photos you can see that she likely had plastic surgery done throughout the years. There are a couple of different options that she may have decided on when she got her plastic surgery procedures. Here are two of the most notable surgeries.

Lisa Breckenridge Plastic Surgery before and after

Lisa Breckenridge Plastic Surgery

The one that sticks out the most is her facelift. If you notice she has a face that looks like she might just be in her late 20s, when she is in fact much older. Many of the fine lines that men and women get as they age do not seem to apply to her. If you look carefully you can see that her crow’s feet are very fine and barely noticeable. The laugh lines around her face are almost nonexistent as well. The only logical explanation for this would be that she ended up getting a facelift to keep her face looking fresh and beautiful.

Another obvious surgery is a nose job. You can see with her before and after photos that she always had a small nose. It looks like over the years her nose is getting smaller and more refined. The result of this could have everything to do with multiple nose jobs to make her face look youthful and cute, and her plastic surgery did a great job. Lisa Breckenridge Plastic Surgery is proof that you can look sexy no matter how old you are. Everyone is looking forward to her giving out the news on a daily basis for a long while to come.


  1. She’s admitted on-air that she’s been a devout Botox user for many years. She also recently had her nose job “reversed” in a sense, as the original surgery was botched and caused her breathing problems and nosebleeds. Gotta love Hollywood!

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