Lisa Rinna Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Plastic surgeries seem to be common with almost every starlet in Hollywood given the continuous pressure to look young & fresh forever. However, some actresses do admit getting under the knife while some don’t – the most interesting bit is that there are many Hollywood stars who themselves have taken to not one but multiple cosmetic procedures yet are still heavily critical on the rising plastic trend among the fellow peers in the industry. One among them is Lisa Rinna. What’s hypocritical about her is that she has publicly criticized other actresses for taking to plastic surgeons to enhance looks yet she herself had taken to more than one cosmetic works.

Has Lisa Rinna Had Plastic Surgery?

lisa rinna lip surgery

One of the most prominent plastic works taken up by her is a lip augmentation job. It seems that her doctor went overboard with the silicon addition into her upper lip resulting in an overtly plump appearance. Thus, Rinna had to go for a second lip job which reduced the overtly stuffed upper lip & brought it down to a somewhat normal position.

Then, the aging actress also surprises with her unnaturally young looks even at such a mature age. It’s most likely that she has taken to Botox that has rendered her an age-defying tightness on her face. You won’t notice any wrinkle or sagging skin on her countenance. It should be noted here that Lisa was not careful while choosing her Botox consultant as the doctor seems to have injected much more than needed leading to an awkward stiff face for her.

Her cheeks look tighter as well which at this age is hardly possible without a facelift surgery. An eyelid surgery is also expected. As one starts aging she naturally develops sagging skin around her eyes which you won’t find on Lisa’s face. Moreover, her firmer & rounder breasts also speak of a breast augmentation procedure.

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