Liu Xiaoqing Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Liu Xiaoqing is an actress from China. She was one of the leading actresses in the 1980’s, she was always known for her incredible beauty. It may be hard to fathom, but she is 62 years old today and still as beautiful as ever. It is rare to see someone who still looks extremely youthful in their 50s, let alone their 60s! Her beauty has been hotly debated, what was the reason she stayed so beautiful? Was it is her diet, makeup, or did she find the fountain of youth?

The truth is none of those ways are how she has managed to stay beautiful this long. It is easy to tell by looking at the before and after photos that Liu Xiaoqing plastic surgery happened, without question.

There are many people that frown upon cosmetic surgery; these people do not apparently understand the benefits. Cosmetic surgery is the perfect way to look the way you feel. There are many types of surgeries that can help people change the way they look, as Xiaoqing has showed everyone. Well since she obviously did get surgery, which ones made the most impact on her overall appearance?

Liu Xiaoqing Plastic Surgery before and after photos

Liu Xiaoqing Plastic Surgery

Two surgeries in particular stick out more than the rest. It might have to do with where it is at, and how much work has been done, but all the signs are there. The most noticeable procedure is multiple facelifts. Facelifts are way to get rid of all of the small wrinkles and age marks that appear on us as we get older. Notice the fine lines are finer than the average 60 year old, proof that something is working for her.

When you look closer at the before and after photos a lip job is also evident. When someone gets a lip job it is a way to make lips appear fuller and more luscious than they might have been at one point and time Either way, Liu Xiaoqing is still very beautiful and will continue to be that way for years to come!

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