Lower Body Lift: Plastic Surgery Q & A

Have you or anyone you know ever contemplated getting a lower body lift procedure? This type of plastic surgery used to be fairly uncommon at 207 total procedures done a year in 2000. Since the initial conception of the idea that number of procedures a year has exploded in a way that almost seems unimaginable.

When you look at the side by side statistics of people who had this cosmetic surgery done it is staggering. There was a 3,658%, yes 3,658%, jump between the years of 2000 and 2014. It went from the 207 procedures in 2000, to 7,729 in 2014. You might be asking yourself, “If this procedure is gaining traction, it must work. But is it for me?” Well if you want to know if it is for you the best thing you can do is ask your local plastic surgeon some key questions.

Having this kind of information is going to do two very important things for you. First, it will help you know if a lower body lift is something that you need. Secondly it will help you get a good grasp on the plastic surgeon you are talking to, in terms of knowledge and experience.

Plastic Surgeon Questions You Should Ask

When it comes down to asking questions the first thing you need to find out is if they are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. If they refuse to answer the question or say no get out while you still can. This is one of the red flags that can help you avoid a botched procedure down the road.

Next, find out if the plastic surgeon in question was trained specifically on how to go about doing a lower body lift. The procedure is very detailed and involves the reshaping of the buttocks, inner and outer thighs, stomach, and in some cases the lower back. The point of it is to help tighten the skin that may be sagging due to age, weight loss, weight gain, and a slew of other reasons. If you want someone to work on your entire lower body they need to know what they are doing and be experienced enough to make you feel confident in them.

Once you find out that they are certified, and that they are experienced with doing a lower body lift, you need to move on to this very important question. Ask them if they have any before and after photos they can show you. You often hear that a picture is worth a thousand words, and when you see their previous work it can help you gauge whether they have the skill required for you to trust them to work on your entire lower body.  Even if they have one good- and good is the keyword- example of what they have done in the past you can move on to the last big question.

Finally, ask them what to expect and what the risk of complications are, in a way that you can digest even if you are not a plastic surgeon. Any surgeon worth his name will be able to tell you exactly what you need to know. You need to go into the situation being well aware of the results and what could go wrong. If you have this knowledge beforehand it will create a transparency between you and the doctor, which makes the actual procedure go by as smooth as possible.

palstic surgery - lower body lift

palstic surgery – lower body lift

Lower Body Lift – The Decision is Yours to Make

When you examine the statistics and other plastic surgery before and after photos it is clear that getting a lower body lift is a great option. The key to remember is that you need to talk to your prospective plastic surgeon like you are getting the procedure tomorrow. Gather information from them, do your homework, and contemplate on whether you would benefit from this kind of cosmetic surgery.  At the end of the day it your body and you should make informed decisions when it comes to getting any kind of procedure done, including any form of plastic surgery.