Lucy Lawless Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Xena Warrior Princess, or Lucy Lawless if you catch her in her street clothes is an insanely popular actress born out of New Zealand. She has proven to be successful as more than just an actress, if you are interested in her other accomplishments all you have to do is look up her passion for activism, and of course her talent as a musician. Recently Lucy took the roll in the Starz show Ash vs Evil Dead, which is essentially The Evil Dead, as a TV show, with a dark comedic twist. Some of the other stars in the show include Ray Santiago and Jill Maria Jones, who excel at acting and definitely do the old movies justice.  While the 47 year old Lawless is of course beautiful, you cannot help but to wonder if that beauty is all natural. If you need evidence here is some Lucy Lawless plastic surgery before and after photos.

Lucy Lawless Plastic Surgery before and after photos

Lucy Lawless Plastic Surgery

Lucy Lawless Plastic Surgery – Eye Lift

Now for a second let’s be honest, a change in facial expression can change the face a little bit, but that much? It seems pretty doubtful. Her plastic surgeon is obvious skilled at what he does, because in the after photo she could VERY easily pass as being in her twenties.  The most notable surgery to see here is the difference in her eyes, more specifically, her eye lids. Lucy may have had an eye lift to help battle the age wrinkles and crow’s feet that were slowly settling in around her eyes. You can see them clear as day in the first photo, but in the after, completely 100% gone. This piece of evidence seems like solid proof that an eye lift took place.


Lucy Lawless Plastic Surgery Part 2 – Nose Job

Take a second to consider the wonderful world of camera angles and makeup. These things can have an effect on the different appearances of actors and actresses over time. HOWEVER, please note that Lucy Lawless plastic surgery before and after photos show not just a wrong camera angle, but a completely different nose. It would seem that Lawless had a nose job to change aspects of her nose, more specifically the bottom around the nostrils.  It almost looks like they were reshaped to face down and be more symmetrical with the rest of her face. While she is beautiful in both photos, the nose job is not fooling anyone. Can you spot any other unexplainable differences in her physical appearance between these two photos?