Madonna Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

If you have listened to any music at all over the past twenty years then you should know who Madonna is. She is one of the biggest superstars in the world and has come out with a large number of number one hit singles, and still seems to be going in full force. If you can believe it, Madonna is actually over 55 years old, though you would never guess it by looking at her photos. The question often comes up, how does she stay looking that good? There have been many different rumors regarding how she stays so stunning, the most logical reason is plastic surgery.

Madonna plastic surgery before and after photos

Madonna plastic surgery

If Madonna did have plastic surgery, where do you suppose she had the most work done? Take a gander at the before and after photos and you can see why it just makes sense to think that she had work done throughout the years. There are two places in particular where her surgeries are most noticeable. The first one you can clearly see that she had a neck job in order to keep her neck and face looking fresh and young. A neck job involves a surgeon working on the sagging skin around the neck so that it stays tight and flush with the rest of the skin around the face.

There is also the nose job that is extremely evident by her photos. You can see back in her younger years her nose was not exactly perfect. She seemed to want to fix that by getting a nose job, and it worked marvelously. Due to all of the cosmetic work she had done she could easily pass for a beautiful woman in her early thirties, something that is hard for a woman who is actually pushing sixty. It looks like no matter what Madonna is here to stay, so get used to seeing her beautiful face.

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