Maria Shriver Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

The question on the minds of Maria Shriver’s fan is whether she went in for plastic surgery or not. Her list of the major procedures includes facelift and Botox. However plastic surgeons believe that major procedures have not been applied on her.

Has Maria Shriver Had Plastic Surgery?


Maria Shriver has always denied going in for any plastic surgery procedure. It is solely through the before and after pictures you can make out that her face looks little changed than before. Major transformation is not seen on her face which led us to change the thought process that it might be natural but her fuller face leaves little doubt that she might have opted for face upliftment procedures. Earlier she had a perfect blend of the jaw line but over the years her face has got rounder than before with puffed up cheeks and rounded chin. Some suggest that good make up tricks has been doing the work on her face which is astonishing.

On the other hand some point out that she does look youthful and attractive than before. But at her age it is not possible to have natural good looks especially in the case of women. However her list of surgery is not at all long which is astonishing. Over all most of her fans love her new look after going under the knife. If she has not gone under the knife truly then it must just be a good case of natural genes. Her surgical procedures have given her lot of advantages as she looks young than before which is commendable. May be a little secret that she wants to hide it from the world. Whatever the case is the good news is that she took the correct decision and the results are not horrifying.

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