Marilyn Denis Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Plastic surgeries are undoubtedly common in American celebrities and it seems that the Canadian stars too are steadily embracing the cosmetic works. One of the most famous Canadian personalities to opt for plastic surgery is Marilyn Denis. It has been speculated that the popular TV star has been under the knife quite a number of times. The post here details the different plastic surgeries taken by her.

Has Marilyn Denis Had Plastic Surgery?


The most prominent change is Denis’ face is evident on her lips and she has most possibly opted for a lip augmentation treatment. If you compare her previous photos with that of the recent ones you will find Marilyn with much healthier & juicier lips that was not seen earlier. It is definitely not possible sans any cosmetic help.

Apart from the lip job, the famous Canadian TV personality seems to have gone for Botox injection as well. The lady is already on the wrong side of 50 where you are most likely to fid an aging face, marred with wrinkles and lines. But if you go through her recent photos you will be surprised to see her wrinkle free smooth face which makes her look no more than a 35 year old.  Thus, it can be easily concluded that the star must have gone for Botox filler injections that are meant to liven up and smoothen the skin tone. Then, it seems that added to Botox, Marilyn has also consulted a facelift surgeon- a combo of Botox & facelift surgery is the most common among the matured celebrities. Her face looks surprisingly tight now with no sig of sagging or loose skin which is actually viable with a facelift operation.

However, Marilyn has denied any speculation on taking to plastic surgeries but her oh-so-youthful face eve at this age clearly speak otherwise.

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  1. DeeDee Lennon says

    She looks like hell. She was so much better-looking before all this surgery. She is a puffy Joker from Batman.

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