Martha Stewart Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Martha Stewart’s face and cookbooks have filled up many American homes over the course of her career. She initially became famous over some simply recipes that everyone loved, and now she even has her own comforter and pillow case lines. She does not seem to be slowing down any time soon despite her age, and maybe a little help from a plastic surgeon.  It is often said that going to get plastic surgery done can help you extend your life and career, simply because you are happier.  Martha Stewart is no exception to this rule, as a matter of fact, the fact that she has a TV show and public appearances makes it even more possible.

Martha Stewart plastic surgery before and after photos

Martha Stewart plastic surgery

You should take this time to get a very close look at her before and after photos so that you can see the ways she has changed over the years Some of the plastic surgeries she received were subtle, while others are more obvious. One of the more obvious surgeries is her lip job. You can see that in her younger days she had thin, almost paper thin lips. You could not see any real definition or lines; this is not the case anymore. After getting a lip job you can see that her lips appear fuller, and more attractive, even for her age.

The list of obvious surgeries does not end there. It would seem that over the years she also had a number of Botox shots to fill in her wrinkles. When people get shots done on their face what happens is the face is injected with filler that helps smooth out wrinkles and problem areas on the face. Botox shots are one of the most common plastic surgeries, but it does not mean that they do not make you look great.

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