Mary Kate and Ashley Olson Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Mary Kate and Ashley Olson are two of the most recognizable twins in show business. They starred in the hit family show Full House at a very young age. The little girls from the TV show have grown up and they are now 28 years old. While they are identical twins, you would not think so by looking at them now. They both seem to have gotten enough plastic surgery to where they actually look different from one another, and it is not just their hair. Here is a before and after picture so that you can see for yourself how much they have changed.

Mary Kate and Ashley Plastic Surgery before and after photos

Mary Kate and Ashley Plastic Surgery

First, look at Mary Kate Olsen, she looks beautiful much like her sister, however she still looks different You can see that she likely had a chin job to help give her the tiny, yet defined chin that she has today. If you take one look at the picture you can tell that it took some work to make her face look the way it does today, her chin job is just the most notable addition to her face. Her sister, Ashley Olsen on the other hand seems to have went with a facelift or two to help boost her appearance.

If you look at Ashley’s face in the before and after pictures you can see how she likely had a facelift to help make her look young for a very long time. It does not take much when you are only 28 to keep your good looks, but the procedure would also help remove any fine lines or age marks that show up in people when they hit about 30 years old. It can be seen many different ways, but one thing is for sure. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen plastic surgery will help them look young for years to come, and will continue to look as beautiful as ever.

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