Mary Louise Parker Plastic Surgery Before and After

It is impossible for anyone with a celebrity ticket to stay away from rumors – especially plastic surgery rumors. Be it young, middle aged or old – you are bound to face some plastic surgery enquiry at some point of your career. For 49 year old Mary Louise Parker, the rumours were sparked off by her unnaturally smooth ageless skin.

Mary-Louise Parker is an American actress best known for her lead role as Nancy Botwin in Showtime’s TV series Weeds. She has won multiple Golden Globe Awards and an Emmy too. Parker also received the Tony Award for Best actress for the Broadway play Proof.  She is a single mother of two children – a son and daughter.

Did Mary Louise Parker have plastic surgery ?

mary louise poarker before and after photo

Mary Louise Parker after and before plastic surgery

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Though there is a lot of talk about the possible plastic surgery that Marie has had, it is quite difficult to confirm anything. Apart the fact that her skin looks a little too young, fresh, smooth and wrinkle free for her age, there are no other tell-tale signs to support these rumors. Also, it is highly unlikely for a TV actress to not want to age gracefully – in the movies, it’s a whole different story.

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Since Parker hasn’t made any comments on the subject, we can only speculate what has been done. A laser skin rejuvenation treatment is the easiest way to attain that glowy skin. She might have also invested considerably on Botox to remain wrinkle-free. We don’t think any surgical procedures have been involved – only non-invasive procedures like chemical peels suspected in Mary’s case. If she did go under the knife, then it is a neat job done. Congratulations to Parker’s plastic surgeon.

What do you think? Is Mary Louise Parker plastic surgery true or just a rumour.

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