Mary Mcdonnell Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Plastic surgeries are getting increasingly common with Hollywood starlets and more popular especially with the aging stars. While some aging stars have faced disasters with unskilled plastic work some have been lucky to come up with amazing results. Mary Mcdonnell is one among those matured Hollywood beauties who have been really successful with her cosmetic consultations. The article here highlights on the different plastic works taken up by the pretty American actress.

Has Mary Mcdonnell Had Plastic Surgery?


Mcdonnell has already crossed her 60’s by now yet you would be amazed to find her with such a youthful appearance. Women at her age generally develop wrinkles, sagging skin and loose fat across the face. But Mary’s face is devoid of all the mentioned signs of aging which is never possible naturally- she looks as if she has not aged a bit since her 40’s. It is most likely that the pretty lady has opted for a number of plastic procedures on her face. One is Botox which has smoothened all the wrinkles and lines from her beautiful face. The other is a facelift procedure which has kept the sagging skin at bay, rendering a smarter & tighter feel to her overall countenance.

Then, the American actress also seems to have opted for a breast augmentation procedure- one of the most common plastic surgeries by matured actresses after facelift. As a lady ages, her boobs too start to sag akin to her face rendering an unsightly loose feel to her body. But even after crossing 60, Mary still shows no sign of sagging breasts and her upper half looks as tighter as in her early days. Thus, it can only be concluded that the lovely star has gone for a very successful breast augmentation procedure.

It seems that the lady was really smart while choosing her plastic surgeons.

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