Mary Tyler Moore Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

Of late Mary Tyler Moore is roaming around with a face, so swollen, that it looks almost unrecognizable. This change in her appearance has triggered rumors pertaining to her going under the blade multiple times. The first on the list is definitely a facelift, since her face looks a little too polished given her age. Moore hasn’t been too open about her surgery, nor has she denied about it, however, her pictures shout out the fact that she has definitely gone under the blade.

Has Mary Tyler Moore had plastic surgery?

Mary Tyler Moore before and after plastic surgery photo

Her face looks quite swollen as well, hence it seems like she has gone for the facelift recently. Unfortunately her right cheek is more swollen than her left, which has further pushed her eyes into the socket, looking quite weird. Moore is seventy seven and the facelift has given her a much younger appeal, which is much unnatural at her age.

Besides her facelift, Mary Tyler Moore has also had dermal injections to smooth out her skins, such as Botox. They have filled up her wrinkles to give her smooth and even skin. However, hers case has gone a little too far since her wrinkles don’t even show when she smiles. A rhinoplasty also seems obvious given her pictures since her nose is looking sharper than before especially the bridge, which was rather flat.

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There are a series of her before and after pictures out of which the first one post the surgery, features a young looking Moore, quite attractive looking. However, with every surgery, she has been looking worse. At present she looks as if her face is all swollen and puffed up, which well isn’t attractive. There is something called aging gracefully, and then there is Mary Tyler Moore who literally live at the plastic surgeon’s option.

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