Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery Before and After Showing Facelift, Botox

Once dubbed ‘the soul of romantic comedy’, Meg Ryan has lately come under a lot of fire for plastic surgery involvement. Critics say that plastic surgery has lot to do with the steep plunge that her career graph has taken in recent years.

52 year old American actress and producer, Margaret Mary Emily Anne Hyra, professionally known as Meg Ryan came under the spotlight with 89s popular rom-com, When Harry Met Sally. For the next 15 years or so she starred in many of Hollywood best romantic comedy flicks like Sleepless in Seattle, You’ve Got Mail, Kate & Leopold etc. Currently, she has moved on to the small screen and has announced to produce and star in a new NBC comedy.

In the 80s, when a fresh faced Meg shot to fame, her innocent looks were even compared to Madonna. She was certainly one of the prettiest Hollywood stars of that time. Sadly, a bad plastic surgery addiction has rendered this once beautiful face, unnatural and unattractive. The criticism was so bad that she had to face comments like; “The only role she can do now is the ‘Joker’ in Batman series!”

meg ryan before and after photo

Meg Ryan Before and After Plastic surgery

A comparative study of Meg Ryan’s Before and after photos points to many modifications on her features – all for the worse possible results. A lip augmentation is pretty obvious and experts believe that Meg has gone for the GoreTex technique to enhance lip muscles. Her cheeks have also had a lift with some fat grafting procedures – this has also resulted in a facelift effect. The zero sagging and wrinkle free skin clearly indicates necklifts and Botox.

Critics also point out that eyelid surgery may be responsible for that permanently surprised look on Meg’s face. This seems to have affected her eyebrows too. Meg has never admitted to any of these rumors, but then she hasn’t been able to hide any clues either.

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