Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery Disaster Before And After Photos

Meg Ryan just entered her 50s on November 19, and given her before and after pictures, it seems that the actress has had her fair share of visits under the blade. Now, on one side there are examples of plastic surgery gone wrong, and then there is Meg Ryan, a walking example of plastic surgery disaster. In the past, Meg was rumored to have gone under the blade to get her lips all plumped up using dermal fillers. However, sources have revealed that that isn’t the only time she has gone under the blade to tweak her features.

Has Meg Ryan had plastic surgery?

Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery Disaster Before And After

Plastic surgery sure has being a go to phenomenon when it comes to celebrities. However, what most celebs fail to understand is that where the line should be drawn. Meg’s recent pictures showcase swollen puffy lips as compared to her before pictures. Next, coming to her cheeks, they look a lot perkier that before, courtesy implants or dermal fillers. However that might be the possible outcome of fat grafting as well.

Her before picture showcases dangling skin below her neck, however, the recent pictures showcase taut skin, almost a little too much for a 50 year old. Quite unnatural! And talking about being surprised, Meg looks surprised all the time courtesy her raised eye brows. The brow lift hasn’t worked at all to improve her look.

Her face also showcases a tad too stretched skin especially around her eyes, which are possible outcome of extra doses of botox. Her skin not only looks extra taut but also the area on the side of her eyes actually looks slanted. The actress likes to be all hush hush when it comes her surgeries, but given her before and after pictures, well Meg, few things can’t just be hidden.

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