Melanie Griffith Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

It has been long-rumored that Working Girl star, Melanie Griffith is a frequent visitor to the plastic surgeons clinic. The 56 year old American actress, well-known for her roles in movies like Body Double, Something Wild and Crazy in Albama, has ironically appeared in Nip/Tuck too – a television series about good (and bad) plastic surgery!.

Melanie is the daughter of actress Tippi Herdern and is married to Antonio Banderas. Her acting career began at infancy when she appeared in a commercial ad at the age of nine months. Her movie debut came in 1969 as an extra in Smith. She did some nude scenes at the age of 17 for the movie Night Moves. Her first major role was as a porn actress in Body Double. Presently, she is a successful producer along with her actor husband.

melanie griffith before and after photos

Melanie Griffith before and after plastic surgery photos

Melanie Griffith was always known as one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. However, if rumors are to be believed, her attempt at keeping that beauty intact as she aged has led her to go under the knife. Many believe that Melanie has been undergoing several plastic surgery procedures ever since she began acting. Along with the usual suspects like facelifts and breast augmentation; facial fillers, dermabrasion, lip augmentation, and liposuction are also speculated. Gossip columnist often refer to her as ‘Trout mouth’, due to her swollen misshapen lips – a possible aftereffect of addictive lip fillers.

There are also arguments about age being the major factor contributing to the changes in Melanie’s appearance. This can’t be ruled out either, but then it doesn’t mean that she has never attempted artificial beauty enhancements.

What do you think her before and after photos reveal – Has she done it or not?

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